Example of Multiple Roughs

While rummaging through my files I came upon a project I completed for a client back in the summer. This particular project was one of my more difficult tasks as I was very busy at the time working in an office. However, I hardly ever turn down paying jobs so I soldiered on. I was working with my Art director from Mcgraw Hill Ryerson, who I have been with since the grad show. Now she has her "higher-ups" too and the particular one who was in charge of this image was very specific in what they wanted and not open to much artistic interpretation. The rough process was a long one with many rejections and do-overs. You win some you lose some, am I right? Once the image was finalized I was so done I didn't even upload it to the blog. 
6 months later it doesn't look half bad. There is a bit of a rushed feeling that kind of works with the subject matter, (a couple feeling their war torn country). Anyway here are some of the roughs and the final piece. Thanks!

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