After months of wait, I can finally post this! My best doggie friend Viking is on the cover of a book! He is famous now. 


Halloween Promo 2013


Illustration for CanCulture

Thanks to Emily Stachera for involving me in this project!
You can read the article here.


WIP Drizzt Fan Art

Fan art alert!!! OMG DRIZZT watch out for those spiders. Don't just stand there looking cool....DO SOMETHING!





The Shannon Novels

I recently completed a book cover for Dave Zeltserman. I always love working with authors and Dave had a strong vision of what he wanted to portray which made for a seamless workflow. Quick, successful projects without alot of "back and forth", are hard to come by, so I am very thankful this project came my way.


The Descent

Good Morning!
Above is an illustration I completed for Dirt Rag Magazine, under the art direction of Matt Kasprzyk. The story, tittled the Descent, was written by the talented Eric Draper. 
You can check it out in issue #168 on newstands now.



Below is the comic I completed for Patrick Kindlon who wrote and commissioned the project. The comic in its completion will be a group effort with contributions from many artists illustrating Patrick's short stories. The stories follow a man named Paul and his dog Trafton as they survive and scavenge in a post apocalyptic world, (right up my alley eh?). 


Star Trek Crew- Burlington ToyCon

Just some Star trek TNG Fan art I showcased on the weekend at the Burlington Toy Con :)


Example of Multiple Roughs

While rummaging through my files I came upon a project I completed for a client back in the summer. This particular project was one of my more difficult tasks as I was very busy at the time working in an office. However, I hardly ever turn down paying jobs so I soldiered on. I was working with my Art director from Mcgraw Hill Ryerson, who I have been with since the grad show. Now she has her "higher-ups" too and the particular one who was in charge of this image was very specific in what they wanted and not open to much artistic interpretation. The rough process was a long one with many rejections and do-overs. You win some you lose some, am I right? Once the image was finalized I was so done I didn't even upload it to the blog. 
6 months later it doesn't look half bad. There is a bit of a rushed feeling that kind of works with the subject matter, (a couple feeling their war torn country). Anyway here are some of the roughs and the final piece. Thanks!


Amarillo Page 1 Sneak Peak

Happy Holidays!
Here is a sneak peak at a project I have been involved in. This is the first page of a comic book, (without the text), that I had the pleasure of working on for a company in the states. The final product will be a compilation involving several comic book artists. I will post all the pages I contributed later in the new year. This has been the best project I have worked on in my short illustration career and I hope to do more comics in the future! Heres to 2013!


This is my second illustration for the Canadian Running Magazine. 
This one is on the stands now so grab it while you can. Its a really well done magazine with a lot of talented illustrators, (Jori Bolton has an illo beside mine! :) I got to work with Dianne Kapral once again, who is a freelancer's dream AD. I uploaded my roughs for this one. Basically we just sandwich 2 of the ideas together. The article is about a women who is self conscious of her weight and frequently compares herself to Olympic athletes.


Above is a job I worked on with the always wonderful AD Jodie Bernard.
This was for the Mcgraw-Hill Ryerson iLit Digital Bank. 
The story is about a young boy growing up in the 80s. 
I included the roughs this time because I rather enjoyed doing up the map on the right and think
I will try something like that in the future.


Canadian Running Magazine

I just remembered today that Canadian Running Magazine-September Edition is out this month and I have an illustration in the back page. It's a pretty decent mag! Dianne Kapral is a great editor and I loved working with her because she gave me an open field to run in.



"Inspired by The Lesser Key of Solomon, comics, mythology and 17th-century grimoire, the 72DEMONS project is a venue for new and budding visual artists. Our goal is to compile and publish an illustrated book depicting the 72 demons archived in the Ars Goetia, believed to be a guide for summoning spirits. The 72DEMONS project started in the summer of 2011."

 I recently took part in a illustrative collaberation. The first full colour proof was released a couple weeks ago.