The Stand is one of my most loved Stephen King stories. Even though I love The Shining to DEATH, I feel it has been getting a lot of publicity lately with the announcement of the proposed sequel. So I thought I would shed some light on this amazing book. The Stand was made into a TV series in the 90s which was 6 hours long! I have it on VHS tape and my sister and I knew the whole script. It featured some badass actors including Gary Senise, (Lt. Dan from Forest Gump), Rob Lowe, (ultimate 80s hottie), and Jamey Sheridan plus Molly Ringwald if your fan of Sixteen Candles,(gay). Anyway I used Stephen King and the Stand for inspiration for one of my pieces from my 4th year thesis, (Deer Guts), so I thought I would do another angle of that scene with this piece.
My stupid sister Christine is being Beetlejuice for Halloween. Not a "SEXY" Beetlejuice mind you, but actually the real deal. So she has inspired me to base my special halloween illo on none other then the Bio-Exocist himself. Stay tuned!

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