The real question is; SCORPION or SUB-ZERO???
My sis and I were big fans of MK growing up. We watched the movies, played the games and even listened to the music. She was always scorpion and I was always sub-zero, because secretly she was better then me at the game and I do the freeze upper-cut strategy which was the only to get some damage. Things are looking good for the Mortal Kombat franchise with the new game out and all the hype about the live action movie so obviously I couldn't resist doing some quick fan art of my favorite boys in tights!


  1. That's right! Don't you forget it.
    All Hail Scorpion!
    Sub Zero is okay too.

  2. I've always been a Sub Zero fan... and, in the recent Mortal Kombat (which just came out and is super awesome and is as good as I thought it would be [thank god]), I have to say I'm even more a fan of Sub Zero's older brother who turned out to be that crazy shadow-tossing Noob Saibot =D