I finished the portrait I've been working on for my thesis in almost record time! I think I'm becoming more comfortable with my technical skills. I know what elements are going to work in the composition and what doesn't. Shadows are something I NEVER used before in my illustrations, but since having Rick as a mentor, that has obviously changed. So that's been something I've had to adapt to and better understand. Last semester I completed 4 pieces for thesis. This semester I've already got 4 and we are just getting to the 2 month point. I really don't know what the hell I was doing last year! Whatever. Whats done is done.
Anyway! So here is the completed portrait. I christened it with the name 'Portrait of a Fiend", since it is still loosely based off of the character Randall Flagg from Stephen Kings world and Randall Flagg is a demon:D. He has a doggie friend, (seriously, the layer group is named "doggie"). I love dogs! They seemed to be sneaking their way into all my scribblings.

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